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A better bikefit will improve your comfort, efficiency and power output - with us we will guarantee you learn the science and art of bike fitting.

Why become a Bikefit pro?

Why become a Bikefit pro?
  • Internationally anybody wishing to learn how to bike fit, we tailor our courses to suit your needs.
  • Develop the hands-on skills necessary to fix the mechanism of injury occurring on the bike.
  • Solve the symptoms that you cannot with other therapy or medical modalities.

The benefits you’ll get from our courses:

Solve pain on your bike

Solve pain on your bike

A good bike fit will solve your pain on the bike.

World renowned instructor

World renowned instructors

Our instructors will help you think holistically about your approach to Bikefit.

Bringing a different focus

Bringing a different focus

We concentrate on the foot-pedal interface.

But don’t just take our word for it.

The best I have ever felt on my bike

I went out for a 2 hour ride this afternoon and it was the best I have ever felt on my bike. The most remarkable difference was that my centre of gravity was in the correct place now and I felt in complete control of the bike, which I have never felt before.

A. Leithbridge

Simply your approach makes sense!

Thank you so much guys for bridging the gap between the medical and bike shop world. I came with so many clinical questions and mechanical issues, I am very happy to report my patients and I are very grateful for your solutions. Simply your approach makes sense!

Simon Anderson - Chartered Physiotherapist

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